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Every review on this page is submitted by a real Mosquito Joe customer. In the interest of transparency, we never change reviews or use incentives to influence our customer's feedback. Learn how Mosquito Joe customers are enjoying being outside again!

Always have courtesy, never late, sprayers are very professional. Have been using them for 5 years now.

Dec 09, 2023

I have been using Mosquito Joes for several years now. They always do a great job and are very professional.

Dec 08, 2023

I used Mosquito Joe this past year and they were great. Very professional and did the exact job that I needed to prevent mosquitos. I will be using them again this year!

Dec 08, 2023

I’m extremely satisfied w Joe’s service and I highly recommend everyone to use them. They are professional, punctual, and alert me before they arrive so I can isolate my pets. Nothing negative to say and im very appreciative for their work.

Dec 05, 2023

We are completely satisfied with Mosquito Joe. We have tried two other services and Mosquito Joe was the only one that always showed up on time. The treatments also worked pretty much perfectly. We've had no bites since we started using them

Dec 03, 2023

This is our second season with mosquito joes and we are very happy with the their service. I have called them before we are having a party and they come the morning of to spray. They are prompt, respectful, and reliable.

Dec 02, 2023

Mosquito Joe did a great job getting rid of the ticks in my yard. It was an awful tick season last summer and my two dogs were infested with them . We have woods with a lot of deer. Once we started the treatments we did not see another tick on them all summer. I would highly recommended them!

Dec 02, 2023

Mosquito Joe is worth every penny. My family lives in a heavily wooded area. Once we moved in we consistently found ticks and couldn’t stay outside around dusk because there were so many mosquitos. Ever since we hired Mosquito Joe, I haven’t seen a single tick and there are pretty much no mosquitos whatsoever. We get a text before they come and the technicians are always great. I highly recommend this service!

Dec 02, 2023

Mosquito Joe has amazing service! They always let me know before they arrive and give me good instructions. We have been using them for many years, and our family and guests never complain about mosquitoes in our yard!!

Dec 02, 2023

Very convenient company to use. You sign up for whatever plan you want and they text you when they are coming and let you know when they are done. The people that come to your house are very friendly and accommodating to what you want done at your property.

Dec 02, 2023